Friday, March 30, 2007

Sharepoint Restore Locks

There have been a few occasions in the past where I found myself wondering why a scheduled spsbackup crashed on me. It always boiled down to a lock on the Sharepoint Configuration Database, which could only be removed by starting another backup with spsbackup.exe and removing the lock when prompted. These locks were often the result of an earlier Scheduled spsbackup crashing because of -for instance- scheduled maintenance on the farm.

However, just today I came across another locking problem. Having restored a 160GB backup set from one of the production farms to another testfarm, all kind of weird issues started popping up. When I tried to change the Farm Topology (sometimes a jolt here and there does the trick), Central Administration came back with this Warning:

So now we have two possible instances where Spsbackup-related locks can be found:
  1. When a spsbackup backup run doesn't complete succesfully
  2. After a spsbackup restore performed with spsbackup.

Luckily Central Administration was kind enough to provide a killswitch, which worked like a charm!


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