Sunday, December 16, 2007

Package This

If you find yourself in the situation that you need offline access to the MSDN and/or TechNet Library, and the MSDN Library cd's are not an option, take a look at Package This. This is a neat little tool which connects to the Library API and lets you specify which articles you need to download from the library of your choosing. After downloading you can export the whole package to a Microsoft Helpfile (*.chm/*.hxs) to take with you on the road.

There is also a pleasant personal experience attached to the tool. The first version of the tool could only be used with the MSDN Library. As I'm using both, I wondered if it could connect to the TechNet Library as well. So I left a comment on Codeplex asking if this would be possible. And within a day I got a reply from Larry Jordan from Microsoft:

Hi there,

I spoke with Erik and he said...
Right now it's a change to two lines of code to use TechNet instead of MSDN. But it would be better to have a menu item to choose between the two libraries and save that preference.
I'll see if I can get it up there today.
So we will post it to the codeplex project on how to do it. TechNet and MSDN libraries are build on the same infrastructure.


And only a few days later, version 1.1 came out which added support for the TechNet Library...

That was so cool! Thanks guys.


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