Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rob Miles on the Micro Framework, also coming to DevDays

Rob Miles, a typical British lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the Hull University and a Microsoft C# MVP, has a cool video about the .NET Micro Framework. He will also host a session called Embedded Development on DevDays next week. I can't wait to attend this session!

See the video: What's the Micro Framework? | Posts | Channel 8


And here is another nice video about the .NET Micro Framework where an application gets written (Space Invaders to be exact) and is deployed on a board based on a FreeScale i.MXS microprocessor.

I looked at the site of FreeScale and saw that they are also selling the HC11 microprocessor! I've worked with these processors in the past. I can still remember the juggling of registers, setting of flags and staring at byte opcode.

Talk about a blast from the past...

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