Friday, June 15, 2007

More Beta Exams

Just last tuesday I completed the second Microsoft beta exam in a row, titled "Designing Enterprise Project Management Solutions with Microsoft Office Project 2007" and a few weeks before that I finished the Technology Specialist exam, "Configuring Microsoft Office Project Server 2007". That brings the Beta Exam count to 6 exams taken so far. Not bad!
I still need to catch up on the usual stuff, like an upgrade to MCSE2003 and the Sharepoint exams.

There is a little story attached to last tuesday's exam: I was just about to end the exam and pressed the 'Ok'-button, thereby ending it. The window went away but basically nothing happened after that. At last I was greeted with a Window telling me that "The testdriver did not respond". Okay, this isn't a good sign. And remember, a couple of years back I did the Beta Exam "Designing Exchange 2003" and it crashed on me, bigtime. They researched the leftovers and after a careful postmortem analysis I was told that nothing could be salvaged. To ease the suffering I was given the opportunity to take the exam again, for free...
To continue my story, I was already visualizing the agony of waiting, calling, calling again, only to be notified that my efforts were in vain. Could this happen twice?
I leaped to the receptionist and explained the horrific situation we found ourselves in. She immediately took action and began calling in all kinds of resources. After two hours of deliberating, calling and testing, we came to the conclusion that there was a reasonably good chance my exam was safe. I went home.

I called the testcenter a few days after the incident and confirmed that my exam was set as 'Tested'. What a relief!

Now for the waiting on results.

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