Monday, April 07, 2008

Splitting TechEd US into two weeks stinks for SharePoint professionals

Andrew Connell, a MVP on MOSS, is not pleased with splitting TechEd into two weeks: "The problem I have with it is that you go to one of these major conferences, as an attendee, to get good exposure across the board. ...professionally I think it's a bad idea to separate the two because it almost tells devs/admins they don't need to know about the other's world. In some apps this might be true (for instance, I [possibly incorrectly] consider Exchange more in the admin/IT pro camp than I do in the dev camp), but for SharePoint it isn't. Even if you are a dev like me, you need to be aware of some concepts and how they work such as site collections and splitting up content databases or how admins view CAS and such. Admins need to understand how developers utilize CAS and deploy custom code."

I totally agree with him. Developers and IT Professionals should be working with each other. Especially with products like Sharepoint. There will always be a cross-over, and widening the gap is not the answer.

Besides going to the usual IT Pro events I also attend more development-centric events like MSDN Intracks and the upcoming DevDays, scheduled in May, including the Geek Night! I wonder if there will be someone from the team Coding4Fun, would like to have a chat with them. Anyone else going as well? Give me a ping!

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