Saturday, June 28, 2008

Passed My 24th Exam

Yesterday morning I took exam 70-431, SQL Server 2005 Technical Specialist, which I passed with flying colors: 940 out of 1000 points.

This was also my first encounter with real simulation-based questions! I have to say, it felt a bit uneasy at first and I backtracked a couple of times to make sure I answered my questions just right. It is soo easy to make additional unintended changes.

But in conclusion, I have to say that I like those questions. They test your knowledge of the technology in a much more real-world like fashion. And about those gradual changes like these in exam setups? Well, suffice to say that there is much more in store where that came from...

On a side note: the next exam will be a milestone! That will take me to 25 Microsoft Exams taken so far. I just have to choose a nice one. And I don't mean milestone. I'm open for suggestions.

By the way, if you take a look at the numbers of Microsoft Certified Professionals worldwide, you'll find that there is a great difference in numbers. A short list of some of the certifications I currently hold:

Certification Worldwide achievers

MCTS SQL Server 2005




MCTS Team Foundation Server


MCITP Enterprise Admin


And for the bright ones among us: there is something odd about that page... can you spot it? The first one who tells me about it will get a candy bar if you're in the neighborhood.

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I think I know wat you getting at:

on the "Numbers" page there are a lot more MCTS certifications then on the "Official" list of available MCTS certifications at:
Rob I'm sorry but that's not it. There was a mention of a 'History Major' with two people who got that certification. It was an inside joke with Trika and her team. Sadly this has been removed because someone higher up most likely wasn't pleased with it that much. See Trika's blog for more info. But thanks for trying, if you happen to be around I'll buy you that candy bar. (And yes Patrick, I'll buy you one too - grin)
and how do u read all this stuff?!!
A lot of hard work and perseverance.
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