Saturday, May 12, 2007


Another milestone: yesterday I hired my first employee.

I have conducted interviews in the past but that was always as a technical lead and in conjunction with someone else who had the final say in the decision to hire or not. But this time, the interviews and final verdict were mine to conduct and pass. I had to adjust for two issues that came up in this new setting:
  1. Lead the interview myself and
  2. Follow up.

The first one was easy and accomplished by laying out a rough structure and drafting a pool of questions to draw upon during the interview, varying from behavoural questions to technical cases. For assistance during the interview I asked a senior colleague of mine, whom in the past had been my manager and during that time conducted several interviews with me as technical lead, to assist me during the interviews and offer his opinions afterwards.

Interviewing the candidates was relatively easy, with the difference that you, as the person who leads the interview, get less 'off'-time to study the person in more detail. This is one of the reasons I asked my former manager to assist me, for he is very intelligent and a great observer.

The second one, following up, proved to take more time that I originally planned for. The plethora of getting things done, getting his key, a desk, accounts, planning for his first day, who will help him during his first days and so on, was more than I accounted for initially.

In the end this proved to be a very nice opportunity to learn and excercise! And I liked the responsability a lot. Oh and the candidates? The job was offered to one of them. The other one, however proficient in his field of Project Management and Network Administration, lacked the skills necessary to operate in the field of Web Technology, Administration and Development. I wish him the best for he seemed a very competent individual.


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