Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Free Windows PowerShell workshops

If you are interested in PowerShell, take a look at these downloadable workshops: : Free Windows PowerShell workshops

On a personal note: I'm very interested in how PowerShell will shape the IT Pro/Developer landscape. Because for the first time in history, IT Pro's will have the full power of the .NET Framework right at their fingertips! Can you imagine, Administrators creating and using Objects? The holy grail of the Developer? And as Microsoft has added PowerShell to the list of Common Engineering Criteria, which in essence will mean that from 2009, all new products will need to support PowerShell.

Did you know that for example the Exchange 2007 GUI is really sending PowerShell command(lets) to the engine? Or as I heard a Trainer repeat, just like Steve Ballmers classic mantra:"Developers Developers Developers..."

"PowerShell, PowerShell, PowerShell..."


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